Posted by: thediygeochemist | February 18, 2012

I’m really not kidding.

In a previous post I mentioned that

I go to work to WORK, not have sex–or even find a hot guy to have sex with later. I like to keep my work and my personal life separate.

I invited a bunch of my friends–both from work and from other areas of my life–to my 40th birthday party. And I was really amazed at the number of non-work female friends who came up to me later to say, “You know that guy you work with? He’s REALLY HOT!!”

To tell you the honest truth, I’d never really noticed. (No offense to DannyBoy, I hope.) Since I’ve been forced to take a second look, I confess that my brain says that he is rather good looking. But I still don’t find him hot, i.e. he doesn’t turn me on at all, i.e. I only appreciate his looks in theory rather than practice.

I guess I compartmentalize my life pretty well.

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