Posted by: thediygeochemist | February 23, 2012

Relief on the horizon! (I hope)

As part of this oceanography grant, Dr. Hand-Waver got funds for a post-doc. But she wanted someone with very specific skills–very, very specific–so that she didn’t have to spend much time training the new person.

Alas, finding someone with very, very specific skills is not easy. And so, when it came time to go on a cruise, Dr. HW came along to do the post-doc’s bit of the research. But the other stuff the post-doc should have handled, e.g. the packing and the bureaucracy…all fell to me. So I’ve been juggling the work of 1.5 people (all while handling enough legal stuff that I may as well have a part-time job).

Yesterday Dr. HW told me that she’d finally received an application from someone who was qualified for her post-doc position, and that this person would start in summer! Hallelujah!! I just hope he/she can start before our July cruise…

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