Posted by: thediygeochemist | March 15, 2012

The worst thing about working at sea

I’m in the middle of writing several picture-heavy posts about being at sea, but I’m not going to publish them right away. See, I’ve been asked to guest blog at Scientopia (beginning 4/2), and I think those would be really fun to show to a larger audience. In the mean time, I’ll be publishing a few shorter posts about life at sea.

* * *

The worst thing about working at sea is the mental fuzziness. On my first cruise I attributed this to the side effects of Bonine (even though it’s touted as “non-drowsy” it does make you a little sleepy) or my lack of sleep (which was definitely an issue). But on this cruise I slept plenty; I had DannyBoy around as my “backup” so I didn’t have to take all of the night readings. And I wasn’t on Bonine 100% of the time.

It was Dr. Hand-Waver who came up with the best hypothesis: “Your brain has to spend so much of its time and energy on keeping you from falling over that it has limited capacity to do anything else.” (She said this right after she took a couple of bottles to the main lab to fill with Q-water…and returned with two empty bottles in hand. We were all doing stuff like this ALL THE TIME. You really do walk around in a daze.)

Over time your body does adapt. But only somewhat. I’m amazed I get any science done at all.


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