Posted by: thediygeochemist | March 19, 2012

study time!!

My qualifying exams are scheduled to start a week from today. I’ve been fretting for weeks because I wanted to prepare but didn’t know what to study.

Dr. Hand-Waver had given me a pretty good idea of her topic, but it sounded like a hybrid between what I do every day and one of my greatest theoretical strengths, so I didn’t worry too much about that. No, I worried more about the microbiologists on my committee: I’m a chemist who works with microbes, but my knowledge of microbiology is not terrific. And the geologist could ask a number of different things, though I have a much stronger geology background.

Anyway, today I started hearing from my other committee members about the sorts of subject areas they’ll be covering with their questions. Two of the three I’ve heard from were relatively specific, i.e. I looked at their emails and said, “If I review two or three chapters from each of these textbooks I should be fine.”

The geologist, however, gave a fairly specific topic and then added, “and general geology/geochemistry.” Gee, thanks, dude. Somehow I think I’m not going to be able to review two years of coursework in the next week; I’ve forgotten a lot of my mineral formulas. *sigh*


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