Posted by: unlikelygrad | March 24, 2012

study material

I decided last week that it would be stupid to try to work on my exams in my office, where my 5 officemates (and significant others and friends and students) are going in and out and chattering (sometimes in foreign languages)…so I started hauling home all the books and class notes that I think I may need for my exams.

The material I brought home should give you an idea of how interdisciplinary my project is:

Brock’s Biology of Microorganisms
Biochemistry (an undergraduate textbook)
Bioinformatics for Dummies
(What I study) in Biology and Medicine
Principles and Applications of Aquatic Chemistry
Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment
Isotopes: Principles and Applications
Principles and Applications of Geochemistry
Thermodynamics of Natural Systems
Quantitative Chemical Analysis
Manual of Mineral Science

And people wonder why I’m freaking out. I can’t master all of this stuff!! Though looking over the list, I’m actually pretty pleased at how much of this stuff I *do* understand.

Of the eleven books, I think the last (mineralogy) text is the only one that’s not directly applicable to my project. (The geologist on my committee is infamous for asking geochemistry students tough questions on basic geology, and has hinted that he will do the same to me.)




  1. Its like drinking from a fire hose. Good look, I’m sure you’ll do fine.

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