Posted by: thediygeochemist | April 13, 2012

now I really feel like a Phd candidate

Yesterday, in our group meeting, Dr. HW asked us how we could move forward on our projects. I told her that we’d been looking at production rates of OurStuff under condition X, but it made a lot more sense to look at it under condition Y.

She said no one had ever done that because there were a couple of complicating factors that would make it really hard to look at. I said it might be hard, but not too hard; all you would have to do would be…and then I proceeded to lay out an experiment for her. She asked me a few clarifying questions to make sure that my plan would cover all of the issues she could think of, and I had answers for all of them.

I was so excited about my idea that I had trouble sleeping last night–I dreamed about it, woke up and mulled it over, slipped off to sleep and dreamed about it, woke up and mulled it over again, etc.

See, this is *exactly* where I need to be to get my dissertation done. I feel much better about myself.


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