Posted by: thediygeochemist | April 19, 2012

wishing I wasn’t the top dog…

Although my posts are going up daily on the Scientopia Guest Blogge, I still want to post here. Today I offer you a gripe.

I am the most senior grad student in the Hand-Waver lab and have been for all but a month of my tenure there. This has made for an interesting ride. My predecessors, A & T, have been good about answering questions I ask by email but it’s just not the same as having someone physically present.

See, when someone is around for you to bump into at random times, you can talk about what’s going on in your life, and they can give you little tips.

Right now I’m kinda peeved that no one was around to tell me to take a copy of the Admission to Candidacy paperwork to my oral exams.

So now I’m running all around campus trying to find people to get them to sign the stupid form. Two of my committee members are excessively busy and almost never around; another is currently overseas, which means he won’t be available to sign for another week or so. Why didn’t I just bring the papers in to my orals when everyone was in one room? Well, I had too much on my mind…but a more senior grad student who wasn’t so frazzled could have given me a gentle reminder.

Oh well. I’ll tell DannyBoy when he goes up for candidacy next year.


  1. Unlikelygrad,
    I just found you via SciAm blogs and am grateful to them for the link. I’m an nontraditional Environmental Science student (read grandmother) and looking forward to catching up on what you’ve done. I apply to grad school next year. Thanks for blogging

    • Thanks, Luise! Getting into grad school wasn’t easy as a non-traditional student, but I managed it. There’s an art to positioning yourself, and luckily I had lots of advice from People Who Knew. Let me know if you need any input on how to tackle things.

      As for me, I’m not a grandmother yet…but my eldest son, Al, is almost exactly the same age I was when I gave birth to him, so I could be. Scary thought!

  2. When my daughter realized she reached the same age as I was when she was born she has a small freak out moment. And that was the moment the I came to realize how young I was when my kids were born. (and I was in my twenties but still looking back I was sooo young). Thanks for the encouragement and I will definitely be asking question.


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