Posted by: unlikelygrad | June 14, 2012

The “What a Way to Go” contest

It’s pretty rare that people comment on my blog even though I get a fair number of visitors. To change that (for at least one post) I thought I’d do a contest.

This contest was inspired by a friend of mine. When I was on my last cruise we only knew each other a little bit, basically just well enough to be friends on Facebook. When I posted that we were going through what might be shark-infested waters–and that we were throwing bait overboard–he asked if I could bring him back a shark’s tooth. I thought it was kind of an odd request at the time, but since we never spotted any sharks, I couldn’t bring him one anyway.

Since then we’ve become pretty good friends. One night he explained that not only is he fascinated with sharks, he wishes he could wrestle a shark for fun.

“Do you really think that you’d win?” I asked.

“Oh, maybe,” he replied. “But if I didn’t–what a way to go!”

I had to grin at that, because just a few weeks earlier I’d rushed outside during a serious thunderstorm to watch the lightning. Another friend of mine who was there that night ran out with me, as he’s also fascinated by lightning; we’ve both been within 50 feet of a lightning strike. (For my friend, more than once.) That night, as our friends asked us if we were scared of getting hit, we looked at each other, grinned, and said: “Not really–but wouldn’t that be a great way to go?”

In other words: I wouldn’t like to die wrestling a shark, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about strange ways I wouldn’t mind dying. In fact, given that lots of people think about their own mortality on occasion, I imagine people have come up with some really weird potential deaths.

So here’s the contest: If you could choose your own death, something other than a peaceful going to sleep, something that might make the news, what would it be?

Enter by commenting on this post by July 4. Of course, part of the fun of a contest like this is reading many goofy entries, so TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

Winner will be chosen at random from among all entries. Of course I can’t offer a big prize–I don’t have a lot of money right now–but I will send the winner something (TBD) from my sub-tropical Port Of Call after my next cruise.



  1. I’d like to win a final olympic swimming match and then when I go to get my medal, heart stroke and I die :D! Too dramatic, I know :d hahaha but seriously why should we die in weird ways, ask people if they were born in weird situations :d, that’d be interesting too. ;).

  2. I’ve been thinking about this since you posted it and finally this morning saw something on TV cool enough, that I’d be willing to do. Rally car drivers drove their car in a complete loop like you see in a Hot Wheels set. Now if you didn’t make it that would be quite a way to go.

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