Posted by: thediygeochemist | July 31, 2012

What A Way To Go Contest Results…

H.A., I have a prize for you but no way to contact you…please email me at diygeochemist at gmail…

And really? Just 2 entries?  You guys could be a little more creative. I can think of a bunch…like:

* Climb to the top of Mt. Everest before falling down dead from exertion

* Go solo backpacking, get eaten by a bear

* Get into a sword-fighting duel with Inigo Montoya

* Get so caught up on swimming underwater with dolphins that you forget to breathe

* Go into space, burn up on re-entry (hopefully instantaneously…)

I guess I’ve always had a macabre mind.  In first grade I got an assignment to write about escaping from prison.  In my story, I escaped and got a short distance away, but then I was caught and beheaded.  Don’t ask me why I love gruesome stuff like that!

As far as I’m concerned, the best way to die is while doing something you love, like watching lightning, in my case: one minute you’re happy, the next you’re dead.  But hopefully, whatever happens, death will be a long way off for me.


  1. I did think of another after I posted: riding a zip-line in a beautiful locale and the line breaks and then smashing either into a tree or the ground. I guess my main concern is that people will just use some of these awesome exits to point to reasons people shouldn’t do cool stuff or that they’ll say I died for no reason or because I was being an idiot and therefore you shouldn’t be sad.

    • I’ve always found it kind of silly that people use the “someone died doing it” stories to justify not doing something–because they do so very unevenly. I’ve known several people killed in car/motorcycle accidents, including kids. This does not stop most people from riding in cars. Likewise, I’ve known a number of people who died at home in bed, yet I’ve never heard of anyone not going to bed because “people die that way.”

      I love the zip line story!

      • That’s a good point. I guess I just don’t want my death to be senseless, but if you go doing something you love or something awesome, good for you. And also, you’d be dead so you wouldn’t care what people think.

        Thanks again for your blog, I always enjoy reading it.

  2. Plus, if I’d known fictional characters were in the mix, I’d totally die on an adventure with Doctor Who.

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