Posted by: thediygeochemist | August 14, 2012

how I know I have a good boss

Today in group meeting, after all of the shop talk, we discussed DannyBoy’s upcoming vacation. He promised to stay in touch via email in case we had any questions.

“Hey!” Dr. Hand-Waver exclaimed suddenly. “UnlikelyGrad, you haven’t taken any time off this summer. I told you, you can always have time off after a cruise–”

“Well,” I said, “I did take a day off when I got home.”

“I meant a whole week!” she said firmly. “You’ve got some comp time coming to you.”

“Well, you wanted me to help DannyBoy and JimBob that first week back. Besides, I took several days off before the cruise for legal business,” I explained.

“Oh, that really helps you relax,” she retorted sarcastically. “What good will you be to the group if you’re too stressed to think straight? Take off all the days that DannyBoy is gone.”

“But you asked me to train the undergrad!” I wailed. [This is a new incoming undergrad, not JimBob.]

“Well, then take some other time off some time soon,” she ordered.

So I will. I’m glad I have a boss who cares about my mental health.


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