Posted by: thediygeochemist | September 5, 2012

things analytical chemists will fight over

When I started in the Hand-Waver lab, we had four working pipetters. We had half a dozen others that were sorely in need of re-calibration or new O-rings, but these were all old enough not to be user-serviceable.

When DannyBoy started in lab Dr. Hand-Waver sent two pipetters off for repair. Now we had six.

Before the three of us headed for sea in March, Dr. Hand-Waver made the executive decision to purchase three more pipetters. We still fought over who got the sole working 20-200 uL pipette.

A couple of months later we got everything repaired that could be repaired. Now we had a round dozen; however, we still only had two each of the popular sort (the 10-100 and 20-200 uL sizes).

After JimBob and the new girl started things started to get a bit desperate. I ordered more pipetters from Cole-Parmer last month, but they were back-ordered. (They’re the Cole-Parmer brand–how can you be backordered on your own brand?)

In the mean time, five of us were in lab trying to do experiments yesterday and we were all but coming to blows over the 10 to 100 uL pipetters.


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