Posted by: unlikelygrad | November 20, 2012

If I don’t post for a long time, it’s probably because I’m doing a lot of writing/composing. I’m always busy, but when that busy-ness is working in lab or packing for a cruise or something I like to write as a break. Whereas if I’m writing or making posters or Powerpoints or doing stuff on the computer in general, more writing seems like a drag.

Last week MacGyverina and I gave a presentation at the Colorado Science Conference, which I think was well-received. Earlier today I finally finished writing the autobiographical statement I’m supposed to give to my parental responsibilities evaluator–close to 15,000 words, though I actually wrote more. (My consultant told me to cut quite a bit out and give him the ‘short version’. I think I wrote closer to 20,000.)

I still have to finish my poster for AGU–I’m presenting two weeks from tomorrow. This will be a real pain, because Dr. Hand-Waver and I have realized that our method makes it very hard to pick out ‘good’ data sets, and I’ve been doing a lot of number crunching to try out new ways to do this.

In any case, I am alive; and hopefully now that my writing-load has eased a bit I will post more!


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