Posted by: thediygeochemist | January 25, 2013


This semester I’m in charge of mentoring JimBob. He’s a bright kid, so (as always) working with him is a breeze.

Because he’s a senior, he’s sent his grad apps in and is eagerly awaiting a reply. I wish I could have written him a letter of recommendation. If I had, it would go something like this, though maybe a bit more formal:

JimBob is a sharp guy. He is always thinking ahead: anticipating future problems, constantly asking how something he read about applies to the current situation, pondering where experiments can go next. He spots problems and fixes them before they turn into major issues. Not only does he pick up how to use new equipment quickly, he learns how to troubleshoot it as well as the most senior lab members. Best of all, he tackles everything with a marvelous sense of humor and gets along well with others.

This kid is amazing. You’d be an idiot not to take him.


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