Posted by: unlikelygrad | February 12, 2013

A pseudonym for a dear, dear friend

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you would have read the following story a few months back when I introduced my “What a Way to Go” contest:


This contest was inspired by a friend of mine.  When I was on my last cruise we only knew each other a little bit, basically just well enough to be friends on Facebook. When I posted that we were going through what might be shark-infested waters–and that we were throwing bait overboard–he asked if I could bring him back a shark’s tooth. I thought it was kind of an odd request at the time, but since we never spotted any sharks, I couldn’t bring him one anyway.

Since then we’ve become pretty good friends. One night he explained that not only is he fascinated with sharks, he wishes he could wrestle a shark for fun.

“Do you really think that you’d win?” I asked.

“Oh, maybe,” he replied. “But if I didn’t–what a way to go!”


This guy, now dubbed SharkWrestler, and I actually tried dating last May; it didn’t turn out very well, so we agreed to remain just friends.  We continued to have an open and honest friendship for the next seven months or so (even as we dated others).  And then a couple of months ago we both started seeing each other in a whole new light, and we started talking all the time, and a few weeks later we decided to try being more than just friends…

[Side note: he has a roommate and I have my eldest son, Al, at my place most of the time, so “more than just friends” might not mean what you think it means!  We do not have *that* sort of relationship.]

It’s been heavenly.  I’m glad at least one thing in my life is going right.



  1. That’s awesome. Congratulations.

  2. Yay! That’s great. And now you know that if you’re ever threatened by a shark, he’ll be happy to help.

  3. Another *yay* for you! 🙂

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