Posted by: thediygeochemist | April 22, 2013

dieting (or not) as a grad student

I need to lose weight.

I’ve put on about 30 pounds since I started grad school, maybe a little more.  It’s true that I’m tall and so that 30 pounds does not look quite as bad on me as it does on others, but still.  30 pounds = 3 pants sizes up = three times that I’ve had to buy new clothes.

I know what sort of diet works for my metabolic type.  I used it successfully during the divorce process and lost a good 10 pounds.  In a nutshell, it’s a low-carb/high protein diet.  My daily meals looked something like this: breakfast–fruit, eggs, and bacon; lunch–green salad with some sort of meat; dinner–meat, lots of veggies, and just a bit of carbs;  ice cream for dessert.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive to most people.  Bacon helps you lose weight?  Well, it certainly does for me.  I need enough fat in my breakfast so that I’m not hungry again at 10:30.  A bacon-and-eggs breakfast can last me until 1-2 pm, at which point I just need a small lunch to help me make it to dinner.

So why don’t I follow this diet now?  Answer: I just haven’t been able to get going early enough to cook myself breakfast in the morning.  I’m also pretty bad about bringing my lunch every day, so I usually rely on non-perishables that I keep in my office.  (I tried bringing in a big bag of salad one Monday–actually I’ve tried several Mondays–but our office refrigerator tends to freeze everything no matter what temperature it’s set to.  Frozen salad sucks.)

Maybe some day I’ll get around to losing weight again.  I can’t stand being fat.




  1. I hear you! Grad School is a tough place to be, long hours and high stress. It amazes me anyone can get by without comfort foods! After a long day the last thing I want is to work out. I put on a fair bit of weight too. Now I’m a post-doc I am trying really hard just to eat right.

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