Posted by: thediygeochemist | June 26, 2013

space wars

A couple of weeks ago a company which was going out of business decided to donate all of its equipment to MyU–specifically, the chemistry department.

I first heard about this when Dr. Hand-Waver (who’s almost never in lab) came in and started wandering around saying, “Maybe I could put it here…maybe here.”  I asked what was going on, and she mentioned that we might be getting a glove-box for free.

I knew she’d wanted access to a glove-box for a while now; she’s interested in the chemistry that occurs at sediment-water interfaces, which necessitates work in an anoxic environment.  Still, our lab space consists of half of a very modestly-sized lab (Dr. J’s group has the other half), and what she was describing sounded like it would be a tight squeeze.  She identified a couple of spots where it might go, and neither of them would be good for our working arrangements.

A few days ago I ran into DannyBoy, who mentioned that the glove box in question was sitting in the hallway, in the space under the stairs.  I ran down to take a look.  Holy cow that thing is huge!!!  I’m pretty good at estimating such things and I was almost positive that it wouldn’t fit in either of the spaces she’d been talking about.

Today Dr. HW and Dr. J came by with measurements, and, indeed.  It will not fit easily.  The best spot for it is, sadly, a wall with a fire extinguisher box; we’ll clearly have to go for plan B.

Upshot: My work space will be shrinking soon.  I will also be losing valuable drawer space.  I will probably try to make up for this by cajoling some of my labmates into giving up some of their work space.  This does not bode well for the future.


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