Posted by: unlikelygrad | July 17, 2013


I did the presentation at group meeting yesterday.  Basically, this meant that I got to talk about how everything was going wrong on the project that is my current focus.

Dr. Hand-Waver asked me to review ALL of my data on this project (ever) and have a play-by-play summary and print-outs of my raw data ready before our next one-on-one meeting.  Keep in mind that:

(a) this is the first project I ever worked on–so I had to go back to late 2010 (though, thankfully, it was early 2011 before I started getting somewhat usable data).  I’ve taken “vacations” from this project–there have been stretches of months at a time when I’ve done nothing but oceanography-related research–but there is a lot of data.

(b) Group meeting ended at 5 pm yesterday and I’m meeting Dr. HW right after lunch.

I started this morning.  And here it is, 11 pm, and I’m almost to 2013.  *sigh*  

All-nighter, anyone?


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