Posted by: thediygeochemist | September 12, 2013

bye-bye anonymity (or not)

For various reasons I have finally decided to take the advice given me by a number of people–I’m going to “out” myself. (Note to new readers–I’ve taken my name off, temporarily, for good reasons. I will be un-anonymous again in 6 months or so.)

Honestly, I’ve dropped enough clues in my blog that pretty much anyone can figure out who I am.  The only difference is that now I am going to be searchable online.

My name is (lalala), and I am now a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the geochemistry program at the Colorado School of Mines.  (‘MyU’ seemed like a vanilla pseudonym to those who didn’t know much about me, but I always thought it was a clever nickname for a school named “Mines”!)  I know a number of people over the years have placed me at Boulder–and I have to admit, I intentionally fuzzified where I was so that people could think that.

Although it’s going to be fairly easy for readers to figure out other real names, I’m going to maintain a strict policy of using pseudonyms for everyone else.  (I haven’t asked, but I’m fairly certain that Dr. Hand-Waver would like to have her professional work be the only result that turns up when someone Googles her real name.  She still doesn’t know I blog.)

On the future of this blog:

My life has been hectic the last few months and it will continue to be hectic at least through the end of this calendar year. I’ve had legal issues relating to the custody situation, I’ve been trying to juggle several projects here at work, and I’ve had to deal with a whole bunch of other junk that life (or other people) have decided to throw at me.  Some of this I couldn’t blog about and some of it I was too depressed to blog about. (SharkWrestler’s decision to go back to being “just friends,” for example, was a huge blow to me–we’d gotten pretty serious by the time he sprang that on me.)

Blog posts will continue to be sporadic until the end of the year.  I’m hoping to wrap up at least one of my projects, hopefully two, and write them up for publication by then.  I’m hoping to go back to once-a-week blogging after then.  But no daily blogging for a while.  I’m hoping to defend by late summer/early fall of next year, and I need to focus in order to do so.  This also means I’m busy looking for jobs right now…need I say that this has been a crazy, crazy year?

eta: A lovely side-effect of my lack of anonymity is that I can now give credit where it is due.  A few years back I wrote a post entitled Must Read For Scientific Literacy.  There I claimed that the author of the article I cited, Dr. Douglas Bond, was “the man who probably, more than anyone, shaped my view of what scientific literacy is.”  That is true, of course.  However, he also happens to be my dad.  Yay Dad!


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