Posted by: thediygeochemist | October 11, 2013

A conversation with Dr. Hand-Waver

After discussing my thesis proposal (which I will be defending in a bit over a month, hopefully) and the timing of another departmental hoop that I have to jump through before defending my dissertation, I said to Dr. Hand-Waver:

“I feel like I was plodding along at a nice steady pace and suddenly everything went wild and crazy and I’m going to be done soon.”

“That’s because you suddenly realized how much you wanted to be done, and then you got motivated,” she replied.

I acknowledged that I was, in fact, running low on funds, and that I was sort of desperate to get a job that paid more than $25k a year.  But then I said, “But that wouldn’t have mattered–I need to get most of the labwork before MacGyverina has her baby [in early spring]!” 

She couldn’t deny this.  Two of my three projects are joint with MacG, where she measures one thing and I measure another (related) thing, and we compare production rates.  Her baby is due in spring, as I said, and by the time she gets off leave her post-doc contract will have expired.  So if we’re not done by then, we’re screwed.  I have to admit that this is one reason we’ve been trying to work like crazy.  

Of course, I do have a project that she’s not involved with–but that’s the precursor project to one of the joint ones, the one I’m hoping to wrap up really soon.  So yes, I will be done soon.  Labwork done by spring 2014 (I hope), and then writing for a few months, and then defense in mid-summer or so, depending on the schedules of my committee (most of whom do fieldwork in the summer).  

It’s a bit crazy.  I was starting to think I’d never get here.


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