Posted by: thediygeochemist | December 21, 2013

baby shower, scientific style

So I went in for my weekly meeting with Dr. Hand-Waver a few days ago.  She was pleased with the experiments I’d done that week, but she had a more pressing issue to discuss:

“Should we give a baby shower for MacGyverina?”

I said we probably should.

“I would do it, but I wouldn’t know what to do,” she said.  “I’ve never been to a baby shower before–I didn’t even have one when Little Hand-Waver was born.”

I told her I’d be happy to put it together, so long as she agreed that there would be no hideous baby-shower games.  “Heavens, no!” she responded.  “I was thinking more along the lines of tea and cookies and chat.”

But then, the following day, psi*psi posted a link to the Cards Against Science game.  I’ve got to do it–this will be hilarious.  Everyone from lab will be invited, so three guys and four gals (including me, Dr. HW, & MacG) all with a scientific bent and wacky senses of humor!


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