Posted by: thediygeochemist | February 24, 2014

pub list

Dr. Hand-Waver and I have sort of been at loose ends about what to do with my field data.  In all cases I was in areas where the stuff I was measuring existed right at (or just below) the limit of detection for my methodology, so my numbers are flaky at best.  As of late last week we finally sorted that mess out.

Here’s the list of pubs I’m likely to have when I defend my dissertation:


  • Diatom survey paper (as written as we can get it, until we get the last few dribs and drabs of data…hope to submit by April though)
  • Bacteria paper (not really started–luckily there’s almost no previous pubs on this work, so I don’t have to do too much in the way of lit review for the paper)


  • MacGyverina’s Pacific paper (mostly written, except for the parts I’m sending over today; will be submitted by mid-March)
  • MacG’s Scripps/methodology paper (not written, though my parts are mostly written up.  MacG writes fast though.)
  • DannyBoy’s freshwater survey paper (needs one more round of edits before it gets submitted, hopefully by March or April)

One of many authors (fourth or fifth)

  • MarsGirl’s astrobiology paper (on last round of edits before submission)


* * *

MyU has a publication requirement for graduation.  Three first-author pubs, of which two must actually be published (not just submitted) by defense date.  Exceptions can be made, and have been made, for people who have engaged in lots of team projects and therefore have a number of second-author pubs.

Obviously, I have to go the latter route.  Dr. HW is pretty confident that three second-author papers will be good enough, in the department’s eyes, to sub for a first-author paper.






  1. Wow, I’m not in your field but this seems like a lot of pubs to me! Well done! I’ve also never heard of a publication requirement for graduation but it sounds like a good idea; not only would it prevent students from never getting around to publishing their dissertation work, but it would motivate your committee to actually help you publish as well as graduate.

    • MacGyverina’s experience has been that, without a pub requirement, the advisor can flake out as well. She’s almost two years post-defense and has yet to publish the last paper of her Ph.D. work…as her former advisor sometimes sits on drafts for 6+ months. :-/

      None of us grad students are particularly happy about the pub requirement, but that doesn’t mean we don’t see the advantages.

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