Posted by: thediygeochemist | July 2, 2014

dragggggging on

Dr. Hand-Waver found money to keep MacGyverina on through the summer–which is good, because we encountered a Crisis of Epic Proportions with our diatoms last spring and we didn’t get all the data we needed for our joint project.  MacG came back from maternity leave a few weeks ago and we are diving back in.

In the mean time I’ve also been working on my last project, which involves bacteria.  Bacteria stink and so do their assorted growth media.  I had to start out by making growth curves which, unfortunately, involved taking readings every 2-3 hours for ~40 hours.  This involved sleeping at school (in a sleeping bag on the floor of my office) for 2 consecutive nights.  (I had to time the growth curve so that it didn’t interfere with my parenting time.)

At this point the Pacific Paper is with our collaborator, waiting for her final input before submission; and the astrobio paper is hopefully in its final form and ready for submission (my parts are done for sure), though I think some of the other co-authors had a bit of feedback.  It seems like the more authors you have on a paper, the slower the revisions go.

At this point my goal is to defend my dissertation in December.  Hopefully my experiments will all go as planned from here on out…HA!

I’m getting pretty sick of grad school.  I am sick of being poor.  I have thoughts, from time to time, of leaving ABD since I now have enough skills to get a pretty good job.  Unfortunately, what I really want to do is teach at the college level…and I do need to finish my Ph.D. for that.

In the mean time, I frequently find myself watching this video:



  1. Hang in there! I have several friends hoping to finish in December… it will be a great winter 🙂

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