Posted by: thediygeochemist | July 16, 2014

A tribute

People always tell me that they’re impressed by what I’m doing–going to grad school as a single mom with four kids.  I’m not saying that’s nothing–but it’s nothing compared to my best friend.

C was a single mom until a couple of months ago. She has four kids: two biological kids from her failed marriage (both adults as of last year) and two kids (her biological grandchildren–which is scary since she’s my age) adopted after her divorce.  Both of the younger ones have mental and physical health issues.

Despite this, she’s also a grad student (currently working on her M.S.N.,  going for her D.N. in the fall).  She was working as an E.R. nurse until a couple of years ago, when she was in a serious car crash that left her with brain and spinal injuries and severely restricted her ability to lift.  That ended her career as a duty nurse.  Last year they attempted to fix her cranial/spinal issues with a major surgery…in the middle of the school year.  She ended up getting a B in one of her classes instead of an A.

Last month, after a rather severe recurrence of symptoms, she was scheduled for another surgery.  They just finished that half an hour ago, after 10 hours in the OR.

C is one of my heroes.  She’s smart (despite memory impairments), sassy (but loving), nerdy (“Here, let me show you my MRIs and explain them to you!) and doesn’t know how to give up.  Having her in my life has been a blessing.


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