Posted by: unlikelygrad | August 31, 2014

The last year of grad school…

…is kicking my butt.

We’re down to roughly the last 6 months here (last 4 months if all goes well) and I’m working like a maniac.  Luckily, lots of it is writing, which I can do at home or in waiting rooms during my kids’ appointments, etc.  Unluckily, not all of it is writing–the bacteria project is going full steam ahead, which entails occasional overnights in my office so I can monitor stuff every couple of hours for 24 straight hours.  I hope to have all of the lab work done by the end of October.

Despite working way too much, I somehow have time to keep an eye on the job market.  My resume and CV are updated, so hopefully I can take either the academic or industry route.  I would prefer academia, of course, but my primary goal is to be able to support my kids financially. (Read: industry is better than adjuncting.)

The stress is taking its toll on me.  My immune system is weak, so I get sick often; and my vision is going downhill at an alarming rate.  (Just went to the eye doctor and left with a prescription for…gulp…bifocals.)  I have to finish before it kills me.  Literally.

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