Posted by: thediygeochemist | May 22, 2015

Doctor Unlikely!!!

If I have fallen off the writing wagon the last six months, I apologize deeply.

Things have been crazy here: dealing with (a couple of fairly serious) issues with the children, job hunting, and–of course–finishing up the dissertation.

Yesterday I defended my dissertation. (There will be another, longer, post on this later.) After the committee deliberated, my advisor came out to fetch me and congratulate me. As I re-entered the room, various committee members shook my hand and said congratulations, and then, finally, Dr. Green–who’d been sitting in back–said, “Congratulations, Doctor!”

And that’s when it started to hit me. I did it!! Almost 24 hours later, I’m still a bit disbelieving that it’s (mostly) over; the euphoria hasn’t hit yet.


  1. Many many congratulations for this success. It is indeed a praiseworthy milestone. Thanks for sharing this incredible and ‘unlikely’ journey with us. Wishing you good luck for your future endeavors.

  2. That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

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