Posted by: thediygeochemist | June 19, 2015

paperwork and preparation

I have spent the last couple of weeks jumping through the bureaucratic hurdles to get my status at MyU switched from student to faculty. This must not be a common process because I’ve gotten a lot of misinformation from various flunkies.

For example, one told me that I needed to redo all of my paperwork, including the direct deposit form, and there would be a “trial run” for the first paycheck, which would mean picking up an actual paper check on payday (even though my paychecks have been direct deposited into the same savings account for the last ~5 years). I couldn’t find a deposit slip for my savings account, so I filled the form out with my checking account info instead. Later, the person in charge of bank transfers called me to ask whether I really wanted the money going to my checking account, or whether I’d just like to keep it going to the savings account that was already on file. Obviously I didn’t need to futz around with the direct deposit paperwork in the first place.

I was also told by the computer help desk guy that I absolutely could NOT keep my student email–I’d be assigned a different email for use as a faculty member, since I would need different permissions. And since I can’t have two email addresses assigned to me, my student email would disappear fairly quickly. ACK!! Right now I have almost everything going to that address; I had planned to change things over to a gmail account over the course of the summer, but hadn’t gotten around to that yet. Immediately I ran home and started notifying all sorts of people of the new address; I also frantically tried to figure out how to download the messages using Apple Mail (since I’ve always only used the web mail feature). A couple of days later I went back and was brought upstairs to the system administrator…who told me that I would just keep my old email address. Grrrr!!

All of this paperwork has interfered with my prep time for class. Since this is an accelerated class (one semester’s worth of material in 6 weeks) I’m not going to have much time to do lecture prep once it starts. So I’m not only trying to put together the usual start of term documents–syllabus, lab schedule, etc.–but also trying to get as much lecture prep done as possible before the first week hits.

It all starts Monday. It’s going to be an adventure!

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